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HOLISTIC PET WELLBEINGInvest in wellness consults & productsfor radically healthybest friends!       

Just wanted to reiterate my thanks for all the care you've provided for my animals. It is very comforting to me to know that we are all in such good hands . Your expert care &  input means so much and is keeping me where I need to be, more than I can express....Thanks again...

-Sue Head, Honeymoon Bay

"Thank you so much!  You helped me ease my old girl thru her senior years, the difference in her quality of life was like night to day. She lived to be a happy 17"

- K. Rothweiler, Duncan, B.C. 

Well, it was the most incredible phone consult conversation!  Dr Brenda Bernhardt's passion, love, extensive knowledge and fiery zest for the health & wellbeing of animals is undeniable.  Thank you for reconfirming, building my confidence, sharing your tips & tricks, sharing your resources and your investments in radical wellness.  Thank you also for being such a strong, humble advocate for not only our fur-babies, but also for our Mother Earth and all she graciously gifts us.  You are such a beautiful soul & the epitome of a true Holistic Vet.  Thank you so very much for all your words.  We are so truly fortunate and blessed that we have you on the Island, and that our paths crossed....looking forward to the next time!

- Sandy Sorokan, Cobble Hill

I have a GIANT shout out to the AMAZING Brenda Bernhardt who has been guiding and advising me, providing support and encouragement as I have begun to navigate these foreign waters.  I can't recommend her enough for your pets and their health.  Her information is evidence-based and she has decades of experience.  Even if you pet is not ill, she has INCREDIBLE dietary information for all kinds of issues.  I think SOOO differently about what I've fed my dogs/babies in the past and what I will do in the future.  If you are even curious she is very affordable and the advice is PRICELESS!

-Aubrey Morrow and Amos


After adopting 6 year old Charly our first call was to Dr Brenda.  We used her Detox & Gut Support and transitioned him to a raw diet. By following her recommendations we saw a light year of improvement in Charlie in  just one month.  Because of raw food and the information Dr Brenda educated us about, he's thriving now.

We're so pleased!

- Jack and Sandi Sheridan, Lake Cowichan

After my dog injured himself I wanted to know how to support him more holistically:  nutrition, supplements and alternative therapies.  I found Dr Brenda on line and quickly and easily arranged a phone consult. I received an incredible amount of information and all my questions were answered.  At the end of our phone consult, I felt confident and equipped to support my best friend in the best way possible.  I am so grateful for her work and I highly recommend a consult with Dr Brenda and you don’t have to wait till your pet is sick or injured!

Caroline and Wisky, Victoria


"It's inspiring to see how caring for and healing animals is blessing the planet.
For everyone who takes it for granted, I hope there are many others who are led to think that much more kindly about animals - and the heroes amongst us like you"

-Marion Cumming, Victoria

I’m so glad I found Dr Brenda.  My senior dog, Jackie, had stomach problems for several years and the vets weren’t able to help her, no matter how much I spent!  She had diarrhea, often with blood and was just not her perky Jack Russell self.  I learned so much during the phone consult with Brenda and understand my dog so much better now.  Jackie's been on Detox & Gut Support and is doing great- what a difference that consult made for both of our lives. Thank you! Jackie means the world to me and the improvement in her quality of life is remarkable.

- Donna Peters, Duncan, B.C


"When we received the diagnosis of cancer on our little dog  we were devastated and didn't know what to do.

I found Dr Brenda's website on-line and it just made sense that holistic support could be a benefit for our wee guy.
We planned a phone consult - so easy and reasonably priced for over an hour long consult with a retired vet who had so much holistic experience.
Her guidance and support were beyond our expectations.   We can hardly believe how Gus's quality of life has improved with the nutritional guidance and immune support that Dr Brenda recommended.  He's a happy guy now, playing ball and jumping around and his tumours have shrunk in size, some are nearly gone!
Needless to say, we're very happy too!  Thank you Dr Brenda for more quality time with our little pal Gus!  
-Dellaroo & Danny Watts, Red Deer, AB
"Very glad to have found Brenda's website after Sheena, one of my much-loved dogs, had a leg amputated because of bone cancer.  Not wanting to pursue chemotherapy because of my dog's age and aversion to vet procedures, I still wanted to do all within my power to support her in the time she has left.  I had a phone consultation with Brenda and received a wealth of great advice on diet and supplements.  Two and a half months post amputation and Sheena is doing very well.  Thanks Brenda."
-J Cooper, Victoria, B.C.

Thank you to Brenda for all her help and guidance during a very difficult period in our lives. Our beloved 7 yr old schnauzer Toby was recently diagnosed with an inoperable mass in his neck.   Brenda showed compassion and was worth every penny and more of the phone consult.  She quickly devised a plan for Toby's cancer to help put his body into a better state of healing and since then has also guided us on our younger schnauzer Oscar.  She is filled with knowledge and she is what our pet world needs more of!  Our journey has just begun but we feel confident in her abilities to help give our dogs the best chance they have at a healthier life. 

Thank you Brenda!   

- Denise Prasad, Parksville

Well-loved Zoey Johnson

Thank you Dr Brenda.  We're already noticing some small improvements in Zoey this evening so we are very hopeful. 

You've given me hope. 

I can't express how much your help means to us.


-Val and Rick Johnson, Caycuse




Dr B has wonderful holistic products and information for your pet’s wellness.  She has 23 years of veterinary practice that she brings to a holistic consult.  I’ve really enjoyed having her come to our home to see Bensen.  How he loves that wonderful  venison jerky that she makes!

-Katherine Worsley, Lake Cowichan


"Thank you, Brenda, for coming to our aid so quickly, for spotting things that vets had missed, and for helping us. We'll never forget your care and comfort (with our daughter, too, and even our cat--you were brilliant). So glad we found you."

- Carrie Martin, Lake Cowichan

Jemmey in one of her favorite garden spots
I would just like to say how grateful I was for you to come out and care for my lovely senior girl cat, Jemmey.  I never thought I'd see her play again but after your visit she got to have a better summer than I thought possible.  Your suggestions re supplements made a big difference, just wish I'd called earlier.  She was totally relaxed and trusting, and your expert loving care was wonderful to behold. You have a gift for connecting with animals and their people which seems to come so naturally to you.  Our Cowichan area is fortunate to have you here to share your vast knowledge and commitment to pet welfare with us. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to pet owners here.  Thanks so much. 
Marg Corbett, Lake Cowichan


Dr Brenda, thank you so much for every thing you did, every call you made and how much you cared.  I could have written you a novel for all the good things you did for us and PJ.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us a little more time with our boy.  He meant the world to us!


-Evelyn and Peter, Duncan



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