HOLISTIC PET WELLBEING Invest in wellness consults & products for radically healthy best friends!
HOLISTIC PET WELLBEINGInvest in wellness consults & productsfor radically healthybest friends!       











Holistic Pet WellBeing 

  • holistic pet wellness consults
  • species appropriate nutrition plans 
  • herbal and natural wellness support products
  • palliative cancer care and consultations
  • telephone consultations
  • housecalls (unavailable now due to Covid19)


Dr Brenda is a retired vet and her opinions and information are not intended as veterinary medical advice. If medical advice is desired, it should be sought from a licensed veterinarian.  Holistic Pet WellBeing products and products that Dr Brenda endorses are not intended to treat medical conditions but rather to support your 4-legged pal's own resilience and radical well-being !





Dr Brenda Bernhardt DVM (retired)

Holistic Pet WellBeing Consultant








 Holistic Pet WellBeing  has teamed up with the folks at TheGoodInside to bring you and your pets an entire organic  wellness product line for radically healthy pets and their people!



For Holistic Wellness Care

for your dogs and cats




Telephone Consults or HouseCalls 



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