HOLISTIC PET WELLBEING Invest in wellness consults & products for radically healthy best friends!
HOLISTIC PET WELLBEINGInvest in wellness consults & productsfor radically healthybest friends!       

The quest for exceptional organic wellness products has brought us to team up with the folks at TheGoodInside.  Now their entire lineup of organic wellness products are available to you AND your 4-legged pals. 


"Live to your full potential.  Fueled by organic superfoods, you'll be able to reach farther, climb higher and recover faster for all of life's adventures (and so will your pets!).  It's all the good of nature, delivered right to your door.  Great on their own and even more powerful together.  Plus, check out the packs to save a bundle and have them autoshipped monthly."


Invest in radical wellness today!


  • CO2 extracted!!
  • Available in 250MG, 750MG AND 1500MG sizes
  • Furry family members can experience the calming benefits of cannabinoids with a total of 250mg CBD per bottle to restore vitality in pets.
  • HEAD TO TAIL BENEFITS: Superior phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil helps cats and dogs recover after activities, eases stress and anxiety, calms joint discomfort and more.
  • FULL SPECTRUM: Calm Pet Formula is produced from 100% USA (Colorado) organically grown hemp, and retains a full spectrum of terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids.
  • NATURAL TASTE, PURE GOODNESS: We use CO2 extraction (no solvents) for our non-GMO hemp oil, with no artificial ingredients, and a natural hemp flavor that pets love.
  • ADVANCED ABSORPTION: Our superior formula uses advanced nano-emulsification technology, making our hemp oil highly absorbable, and incredibly effective for pets.
  • ZERO THC FOR PETS: We use chromatography to remove any THC (no high) while preserving all other beneficial compounds so it is safe for cats, dogs and other furry companions.
  • ORDER NOW to support your pet's radical wellness!
  • 20% discounts with monthly autoship and free shipping  All prices are in US dollars!

(copied with permission from TouchStone Essentials)



" Dr Brenda has been an exceptional holistic consultant to my pack of German ShortHairs. Knowledgeable, informative, caring and compassionate. Having used many of her wellness products I have purchased them over and over again and will continue to do so."    

- S. Currie, Duncan, B.C.















Detox & Gut Support is a concentrated  blend of B.C. fossil shell flour and montmorillonite clay which contains nearly one billion CFUs of carnivore appropriate, broad-spectrum probiotics per teaspoon aiding in gut detoxification, mineral supplementation and providing supportive probiotic species for your pet's radical well-being.  


Indications:  To detox and support all pets wellbeing; to support a healthy gut;  to support cancer patients, immune challenged or allergy patients or to support pets on pharmaceuticals or commercial foods  


1) Detoxification - Fossil shell flour and montmorillonite clay hold a negative charge that can bind to positive charged entities such as: heavy metals (lead, mercury, arsenic...), radiation particles, and even some pharmaceutical break-down products - effectively removing them from the digestive tract.  Pets on commercial pet food can benefit from detoxification due to the chemical load from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and agricultural chemicals, as well as preservatives and other chemicals added to the food.

2) Mineral supplementation - There are over 40 minerals present in fossil shell flour and montmorillonite clay.   Many plants have become deplete in minerals due to industrial agriculture’s intensive farming practices and excessive chemical application without giving back organic material to the soil. Minerals may only be required in minute amounts but are essential for total and complete health. 

3) Support for Healing -  Clay has been used through the ages both internally and externally as a safe, soothing, support for inflamed and irritated tissues 

4) Broad spectrum probiotics (ʻfor lifeʼ) are an array of beneficial flora that support gut health and create a gasto-intestinal environment less conducive for disease causing microorganisms and more supportive for the large portion of the immune system that resides there. Probiotics play an important role in basic digestion, proper metabolism and overall well-being.  Probiotics ('for life') are important when pets are taking antibiotics ('against life'). About 1 billion CFUs per 3 grams (~ 1 level tsp) of product and contains:   L-Acidophilus 143 CFUs, L-Rhamnosus 143 CFUs, L-Casei 143 CFUs, L-Brevis 143 CFUs, L-Plantarum 143 CFUs, L-Bifidum 143 CFUs, Bifidobacterium bifidum 143 CFUs, L-Bulgaricus 25mg, Saccharomyces cerevisiae 25mg, Citrus bioflavonoids 23mg, Spirulina 63mg, Brown rice 75mg

(L=Lactobacillus / CFUs = Colony Forming Units in millions) 


Directions:  feed 1 tsp (~3 grams) per 20lbs of pet - sprinkled on food daily

                          (over 65 tsps in 200g pouch)


“Dr Brenda's Detox/Immune Support is something that I feed to both my dogs daily and helps give me the confidence that I am supprting their wellness and giving them all the appropriate probiotics that they need to have a healthy gut.” - Drew Clement, Mill Bay



"Gus is doing amazing, we can’t believe it. Thank you sooooooooooooo much.   I need to order another package of Detox & Gut Support."

- D. Watts, Red Deer, AB


Available in a 200g resealable kraft paper pouch which will last:

- a  10 lb cat over 4  months daily use

- a 40lb dog over 1 month daily use

 -an 80lb dog over 2 weeks daily use

 -a 110lb dog approximatley 12 days daily use


 INVESTMENT  $27  (includes $5 shipping)


Holistic Pet WellBeing products are not intended to treat medical conditions, they are intended to support our 4-legged pal's radical wellness!  


Detox & Gut Support is now available at the Community Farm Store in Duncan at

5380 TransCanada Highway beside The Brick. 

Come on over and check out their wellness section while you pick up your delicious organic groceries!

A selection of Holistic Pet WellBeing Products are available at:



B - 1059 Canada Ave in Duncan, B.C.

next to Prevost Veterinary Hospital


(250) 597-7DOG 








For the 2 and 4-leggeds in the family, an amazing moisturizing bar made from wildcrafted and non-certified organically grown plants:  comfrey, calendula, plantain, lavender, horsetail and nettle that have been infused  into extra virgin, cold pressed certified organic olive oil.  Many months later the rich oil is strained and combined with local beeswax, organic coconut oil and cocoa butter to create a bar that is soothing and moisturizing to rub on dry chaffed skin, itchy bites, or healthy skin. Keep a bar on your bedside table to rub yourself down each night.  Your skin will feel amazing!  Rub the bar on your 4-legged's foot pads to protect them from winter snow and salt or apply monthly as a foot pad moisturizer!



Available in approximately 65g bars that just fit perfectly in your hand


Investment:  $30  includes $15 postage


Holistic Pet WellBeing products are not intended to treat medical conditions, they are intended to support our 4-legged pal's radical wellness!  




 Holistic Pet WellBeing  has teamed up with the folks at TheGoodInside to bring you and your pets an entire organic  wellness product line for radically healthy pets and their people!



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